Hello everyone we have done some interviews to know how christmas is celebrated in other countries. We have interviewed some 1st grade students: Andrés Pérez and David Patiño .

We asked them the following questions:
1-Do you celebrate Christmas?
2-Where is your family from? 
3-Do you have a character like Santa Claus or Olentzero in that country?
4-Do you disguise in New Year’s Eve?
5-Do you have any special tradition for midnight New Year’s Eve?

Andrés Pérez does celebrate Christmas and it's very different compared to Christmas in Spain.
His family is from Spain but he is from Russia and he celebrated Santa Claus. He doesn't  know who the olentzero is and he eats roast chicken for Christmas dinner.

David Patiño did celebrate Christmas and he is from Colombia. Christmas celebration is very different  compared to Spain. He is familiar with the figure of Santa Claus, but he does not know who the olentzero is. He mentions another typical colombian tradition: they burn stuffed dolls with gunpowder.

Written by Iker Martínez, Javier Ramos and Luis Enrique Moreno.