A Trip to Colombia


Our first trip is going to be to Colombia. Officially the 
Republic of Colombia, is a sovereign country located 
in the northwestern region of South America, which is constituted as a unitary, social and democratic state of law whose form of government is presidential.Bogota has 8,081 inhabitants.  

Where to stay?
Hotel Puerto Colombia: 25$
Hotel Campestre La Eterna Primavera: 16$, Km 4 Vía El Triunfo, La Horqueta, Colombia. 
How to get?
To get to Colombia, you have to take two planes, 
one for Madrid and the other for Colombia. 
The travel companion is iberia.

What activities can we do?
-Trampoline jump
Pull on the rope
-Go to an amusement park (Cici Aquapark, Magical 
Salitre and Parque de las Iguanas)

-Bandeja paisana
-Chicken rice
-Rice with coconut

Data of interest.
-The declaration of the Colombian Cultural Landscape 
of Coffee by UNESCO is an important recognition of a cultural environment associated with a product, the efforts in science and technology of Cenicafé and the strength of a region and the mood of its inhabitants.

-Our opinion about Colombia is that it has very
 nice colors on the flag, also its typical foods have 
very nice and good pints. It has incredible vibes and joy.