The Beginning of the course at 1ºESO

Santa Luisa diary is going to interview 1º of ESO how have they started the course.

This year we started the course of 1ºESO.
This is a big change for the class and we have more subjects than last course.
We are going to intervew someone of the students of 1º of ESO.


Intervew to Marcos, Silvia and Lorea, students from 1º of ESO.
What is your favourite subject?
Marcos: Geology and history.
Silvia: Music
Lorea: PE
Why do you choose this optative?
Marcos,Lorea and Silvia (French):Because we love learn new lenguajes.
Who is your favourite teacher?
Marcos,Lorea and Silvia: Ignacio
How are you happy or angry when you started the ESO?
Marcos: Nervius
Silvia: Very very happy and nervius
Lorea: Nervius
How many exams do you have yet?
Marcos, Silvia and Lorea: six

Where is your favourite part of the school?
Marcos: Playground
Silvia: The sport center
Lorea: Chicken     
What is the subject that you least like?

Marcos: Maths
Silvia and Lorea:English